A Partnership in Support of Open Access to Scholarly Journals in HSS and Arts and Letters


The Partnership for Open Access establishes an innovative model for collaboration between university libraries and scholarly journals, and helps provide continuous financial support to Canadian publishers in transition toward complete open access.


taking concrete action


Reinforcing the support provided by university libraries to Canadian scholarly publishing


Accelerating the development of research practices in HSS

Supporting open access dissemination

this partnership is driven by


Coalition is a strategic partnership created in the spring of 2017 by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). It stems from an intensive and collaborative reflection process within the Canadian research community, aiming to develop a national infrastructure for the open access dissemination of publications in HSS and arts and letters.

Coalition is a Canadian initiative that falls within an international movement redefining the power dynamic in the field of scholarly publishing, in support of a free circulation of knowledge.

it was initiated by

Érudit ensures the digital dissemination of scientific and cultural publications in the humanities and social sciences.

Érudit is an interuniversity consortium (Université de Montréal, Université Laval and Université du Québec à Montréal). In 2014, it was recognized as a major science initiative by the Canada Foundation for Innovation.



The Canadian Research Knowledge Network is a partnership of 75 Canadian universities.

Through the coordinated leadership of librarians, researchers, administrators and other stakeholders in the research community, CRKN undertakes large-scale content acquisition and licensing initiatives in order to build a knowledge infrastructure to support research and teaching in Canadian universities.